Swedish Adrenaline is committed to develop new sport electronic products for a rapidly evolving market.  In order to do this we are actively collaborating in networks with universities and research institutes.


We have initiated a research project in the CAISR program at Halmstad University with the goal of measuring the lactate level on athletes while they are training and competing. The research results indicate that we will be able to indirectly measure the lactate level of an athlete with sensors totally integrated into the garments.


Our initiative to develop an Ultra Wideband Radar implies advanced research in signal processing and low power parallel signal processing. The radar chip has a parallel architecture resulting in very high performance but still low power consumption. In order to process the data generated by the radar an advanced parallel processing architecture is needed. This architecture is provided by partners in the network around the company.


The Swedish Adrenaline team has a wide international network in this area both in academia and companies.