Swedish Adrenaline is formed around the idea that new ICT innovations can make

game changing difference on the sport and life science markets.


We are working with groundbreaking technologies to form innovations that have the potential of taking sport and life science to new levels. One such technology is Ultra high frequency radar. Based on this  technology we are able to monitor elderly patients vital life sign parameters such as respiration and heart rate in a safe and non intrusive way. Another example is indirect measurement of blood lactate levels. The solution gives higher accuracy and lower weight



The radar sensor EaZense has unique ability to monitor respiration and heart rate on persons in the close proximity to the radar.  The health care industry, particularly the elderly care has big challenges ahead with rising costs and security issues. New sensors like the EaZense has the potential to contribute to great extent in this context.


EaZense is a 60GHz wideband FMCW radar with very high performance able to detect respiration, heart rate and presence of a person i a room.


The EaZense sensor performs advanced AI algorithms. The sensor is connected to a cloud service for heavy processing such as machine learning training but is also able to perform edge computing of the algorithms.


Please visit us at www.raytelligence.com



The Power360 power meter for road cyclists takes a totally new view on power metering and training. These pedals have properties that normal pedals don't have and measures power with higher accuracy.


We use machine learning algorithms to find the blood lactate levels based on the EMG signal of upper kg muscles of an athlete. This allows the athlete to constantly see

his/her lactate level during training with a sensor integrated in the garment.


Please visit us at www.innowearable.se



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